May 12, 2024

Dear Mitch,

It’s Spring again and the dandelions are in full splendor.

I am brought back to last spring when we parked up near the walking path at the lake to pick dandelions with Laura Ellen and Susan for special tonics and treats Laura Ellen was enthusiastic to make.  You had just had your first chemo transfusion. I can still see what you were wearing including the 24-hour chemo pump strapped over your arm.

It was a sunny day, temperature perfect for such an occasion.  The lightness that this excursion would have had prior to your cancer was lost as we all were constantly looking over our shoulder at you making sure you were ok, not fatiguing yourself.

Our yard is full of the dandelions now,

which I usually try to get rid of in vain every year.  This year I am letting them grow because they make me think of this day.  I want them to grow to the fluffy white puffs so I can blow on each one and wish to have you back, healthy in my arms.  Of course, no amount of wishing will allow this to happen.  My heart breaks some more as the tears stream down my face.

With all my love,


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  1. Nicole, such a sweet, heartfelt and loving message. After reading this I will NEVER look at a dandelion as a weed again! 😍 I see dandelions by our mailbox right now and I am thinking of you and Mitch! ❤️

    1. Marianne,
      Yes, my yard is full of them right now and I smile when I see them. They are a cheery little flower (weed).

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