June 12, 2022


We were watching a show last night where a widower with grown children might be a father again. He talked about when his first child was conceived and how he just knew his wife was going to get a pregnancy test, which would be positive.

Memories came flooding through my mind…

We had difficulty getting pregnant. It took two years before Zach was conceived. During all the false positives that dashed our hopes, you were right there by my side telling me it was all going to work out—to be patient.

When we found out I was pregnant…

with Zach, and later Lexi, you were so happy! I just knew you were going to be a wonderful, caring, patient, loving father. You have proven just that! You are the perfect role model in the way you treat your wife and children.

Then I thought about a time when we were dating.

I got called to do some babysitting. I asked the parents if you could come with me and they agreed. I wanted to see how you would do with small children, as one was a baby and the other a toddler. I knew right then, Yep! He is the future father of my children. I could tell you were not just putting on a show; you were truly enjoying yourself playing and taking care of those kiddos with me.

Then my mind flashed to a time right after Zach was born.

I had taken Zach with a friend to a craft fair downtown. I had told you earlier in the week I was going, but you forgot. You came home from work and we were nowhere to be found. Scared, you started calling all my friends to see if they had seen me, as this was in the pre-cell phone days. When I got home, you had just checked with the clinic and emergency room and were ready to call the police. I felt so badly about scaring you. The relief on your face said a thousand words. All you could do was hold and kiss us; you didn’t want to let go.

Over the years,

you have proven time and again what an amazing father you are. You will be an amazing grandfather, when the time comes. I can’t wait to see you in this role!

With all my love –


PS This was written prior to Mitch’s passing.  Sadly, Mitch will not be able to be a grandfather, on earth, this September but I know he will be looking over us.

Did this letter resonate with you? I would love to hear about it! 

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  1. Oh Nicole, I read this with tears streaming down my face at the same time I was smiling. You write so eloquently, I feel your thoughts as you describe so well. What a wonderful father and hubby your Mitch was as well as a wonderful human being. You were both SO blessed. 🙏♥️

    1. Marianne,
      You are so kind! I am grateful that you enjoy my writing. Mitch was an amazing role model as a father and husband to my children. He will live on as Lexi becomes a parent in September. She will continue the teachings Mitch demonstrated well in her everyday life.

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