December 10, 2021


We have always been good at finding laughter in the worst of times. The same day we found out the stomach cancer was further along than we had thought, we found laughter. It seems absurd, and yet it made it easier to hear what the surgeon had to say because, for a brief moment, we had a release from the sorrow.

We started off in the waiting room…

You were having a flare of anger, which is so unlike you, after filling out the sheet about past health history for the fourth time in two days. Everything was checked “no” for high cholesterol, heart disease; all the usual questions. You were a healthy 56-year-old up to the stomach pains and the cancer diagnosis. I remember you saying, “How can I be sitting here with this diagnosis, when otherwise I am healthy? I just don’t understand it! I take care of myself, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink…”

Then the intake questions started with the nurse. She was honest and stated, “I was expecting a completely different person in front of me. When I look at your chart and the person sitting in front of me, it is two completely different people.” This affirmed our disbelief.

When she got to the question we hadn’t been asked before, “How is your language?”

We both went from crying to laughing.

I am always correcting your grammar and spelling even though I am not perfect in that department either. The nurse stated, “Oh, I think there’s a story there,” making it even funnier. We clued her in and she was able to join in. That question was meant to be, because it lightened the mood and feeling in the room. It helped us face what the surgeon had to say. Your life was literally hanging in the balance with her decision of being able to perform surgery on you, or not. Luckily, after looking for herself with a camera in your abdominal area, she was able to confirm that she would be able to do surgery after the first round of chemo.

Thank you, Lord! You just added a year to Mitch’s life!

We have a long journey yet ahead of us, but if we can continue to find the joy in each day, we will make what the time have left on this earth more pleasant and memorable to those you will leave behind.

I love you with all my heart, ~Nicole

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    1. Suzie,
      Thank you! Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed the letter. I am sure it is hitting home for you.

  1. Your letters are a precious gift to Mitch, and sharing them is a precious gift to all of us as a reminder to embrace our hardships and appreciate our blessings. I pray for Mitch and for your family.

    1. Marianne,
      Thank you so much for the kind words and prayers! I am honored you are enjoying the letters. I have 24 written and am writing more. I will be sharing one a week.

    1. Mary,
      Your words are music to my ears! I know you are going through this hell with too and it just sucks, right? I hope I am honoring your voice when you have none.
      Huge Hugs,

  2. Your letters are uplifting even though you are going through such trying times. Prayers for you and your family. God works in mysterious ways 🙏 .

    1. Mary,
      Thank you so much! We appreciate the time people are putting into praying for our miracle! We so appreciate you!

  3. Amazing! I have sympathized with many concerning how everyone stands up to their trying times and here I am one of those that has been through hell and back. It is not easy living life without my children but I walk the lines everyday, with my head up. Its by the Grace of God that I am still here saying there is work for you to do caring for others and thats what I do. staying busy. I empathize with all who have something in their lives going on and then I worry and feel for them on how to get through this. I went through Griefshare twice and has helped me a great deal people still ask me how can you still liv going through what you have I just nod my head.
    I'll be thinking of you and Mith through this journey I know you are strong too in many ways. Keep your head up Its not easy road for sure God Bless.

    1. Susan,
      Wow, I am so sorry for your loss! I think of you often. No parent should have to go through losing a child and you have had to do it twice. My heart is always with you! Griefshare is a powerful tool to help people through their grief. I am “happy” you were able to have this service. I think there is so much grief going on these days. I admire your candidness!
      Big Gentle Hugs to you!

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