Leo the Lion

May 14, 2022


The other day when I was walking Leo, our pooch, I started laughing out loud. Remember the day I called you, upset that Leo had run off again? We have never had a runner for a dog. This has been something to get used to and is often frustrating. I’m raging to you stating, “Fine! If he wants to run off, so be it! He doesn’t know how good he has it! I’m so done with him! Stupid dog!” Then Leo finally came back home on his own, lying under the fence, looking so cute. All my anger just melted away.

Well, Leo may not have been the breed of dog…

I initially wanted, but I think he was meant to be. Depending on the weather I walk him in the Forestry Park every day. If the weather is really cold then we just walk around the block, as Leo and I cannot take single digits. He is keeping me healthier and stronger by getting me out exercising every day.

As I was thinking of the above conversation, I also realized that when I have low days, Leo gets me out of bed, out of the house, and into the world. Without him I would just throw the covers over my head and regress further into my shell. If we had a lap dog, the same thing would happen because I would not necessarily have to walk that kind of dog as much as Leo.

So if, God forbid…

something were to happen to you, Leo would be there getting me up out of bed. Even if it’s just for the twenty to forty minutes a day, it is still better than none at all. He keeps me engaged in the world.

We can’t figure out why Leo brings you his smelly green chewy monster every night when you get home. I like to think it’s because he can’t help you with what you are going through, except to bring his most prized possession to you. Leo also looks out for you and makes sure I know you are OK. He will go back and forth between rooms to check on you, then come back to me and “tell” me you are doing well, and not to worry.

Like so many things in life…

Leo was meant to be, even in the more frustrating moments. Thank you for finding Leo for us.

With all my love –


PS This letter was written prior to Mitch’s passing.

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  1. Dogs are such wonderful creatures. Ours have gotten me through alot of things over the years. I love to sleep with my dogs, I am weird that way! LOL

    1. Penny,
      I so agree. I think dogs are angels sent to us. I love to sleep with mine too. haha Leo did the sweetest thing about a month ago. I couldn’t quit crying when I went to bed so he layed on my side with his legs out. His front paws went up around my neck like he was giving me a hug until I stopped crying.

  2. Life is missing much without the love of a pet. Thank you God for allowing those treasures to help live better.

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