Lexi’s Engaged!

February 12, 2022


Lexi is engaged! I am so happy for her and Ethan. I love her slogan for the wedding:

“In it for the long Hall.”

Funny how all of her students will still call her Ms. Schmidt because they already said, “I won’t be able to get used to calling you Mrs. Hall.” At first, she might not even respond to that until she is used to it herself. Haha!

I want to be excited about the planning…

yet it is hard while I am worrying so much about you. With COVID, I don’t want you around so many people. Even though it will be a smaller ceremony and reception, the dance will be open to the public.

I realize that you may have to leave after the father-daughter dance, and Lexi is OK with that. It is just upsetting to me that you would have to miss out on part of Lexi’s special day. I am conflicted about whether to stay at the dance, or leave with you.

I know I should not be worrying about it all…

and simply put it in God’s hands because I can’t control anything. It will all work out as it should. It’s just not how we pictured this happy time in our life, having Lexi getting married.

Sometimes I wish Ethan and Lexi would decide to be married in front of the judge, with immediate family—now—since she already has her wedding dress. Then in July, when the wedding is planned, they could hold the dance. But if I put myself in her shoes, would I want my wedding day to be like that? Either way, it isn’t how she had planned it. Cancer changes everything!

Whatever they decided for their special day, it will be beautiful, loving, and perfect. It will be a day when everyone in attendance, I think, will hold each other a little tighter and love a little harder, knowing what we are going through. The people you love are all that matters!

With all my love –


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    1. Dianne,
      Thank you. A very special person in our lives will not be able to be there physicaly but I know Mitch will be there the whole day standing right next to Lexi, Ethan, Zach, and me to help comfort us. It will be a day that will be more meaningful in different ways. Mitch will want us to celebrate not be mournful during this time.

  1. Congratulations!

    Nicole, planning the wedding will give you something to look forward to. Those loved ones who will not be physically present will be there in your hearts, mind and in spirit. Just a few ways to honor those loved ones would be to reserve a seat in their honor, make a note in the wedding program, add a sentimental trinket to Lexi’s bouquet or ribbon, share a favorite memory, display family photos, incorporate a special flower, play their favorite song, or serve their favorite dessert. No matter what, Lexi and Ethan’s wedding will be a beautiful, loving, happy and memorable celebration.

    Take it all it in and to enjoy the beautiful unity of marriage.

    Much love to you and to the happy newly engaged couple!

    1. Shadell,
      Yes, this wedding will have more intimacy to it because of what we are going through and also be a time of celebration. We will learn how to find joy again and understand that celebrating life is honoring Mitch. Lexi is also having a child in September. It was not planned but God knows what he is doing because that little one is going to show us how to live on.

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