Feel Joy ~ Laugh Out Loud ~ Dream Again

You may not feel these now, but I know they live inside of you.

As someone who has been on all sides of the grieving process, I have felt what it is like to not have joy, laughter and dreams. As your Grief Educator I am here to help you RECLAIM these in your life, not just today but for all the days to come. 

Working Through Your Grief 

My 1:1 Coaching Program

Are ready to start looking grief in the eye? 

To tell it that it no longer needs to be all-consuming in your life? 

Are ready to live with joy and grief holding the same space, side by side, in your heart?

My signature 12-week Grief Coaching Program takes you deeper into your grief story allowing you to explore how past traumas and losses may be showing up in your grief now. 

Together we will take a look at other roadblocks you may be having in your grief, and discover the path you need to continue on your unique grief journey.

This 12-Week Coaching Package consists of...

  • 1:1 weekly coaching sessions
  • An online component packed with even more resources

Together we will work through your anguish, hand in hand, and uncover where you are in the grieving process and how to move beyond those stages to a place where you are ready to feel joy, laugh out loud and dream again. 

Expect to feel safe, heard, and supported.

  • I provide safety for your healing journey
  • There is no need to hold back, or worry what I will think
  • I listen deeply with my whole heart from a place of love and compassion.
  • I offer support, guidance and accountability, sharing with you the tools you need to take loving action in your life. 


I am in tears because I finally feel like I have hope again!"

Amanda M.