Hey there! I am Nicole Schmidt the writer behind "Letters to my Husband" and grief coach extraordinaire!  

(more about me below!)

It is so nice to meet you! 

Educating others about grief is what I do. I want everyone who is living to know... you are not aloneYou can get through the fear, grief and tears to hope and even laughter.  

Dear friend, 

Yep, I’m calling you my friend because if you have come this far visiting my website, you ARE my friend! I wish we could be meeting face to face over a cup of tea, getting to know each other in the traditional way, but as we are right now screen to screen, let me just start by telling you a little bit about me.

And can I just say, I’m tickled you came by to learn a little more about me. 

My life has definitely put me through the Schmidts on more than one occasion.  

One time was about sixteen years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Going from a "doer" with boundless energy to someone who was in chronic pain struggling with fatigue.  My life became little more than doctor appointments and sleeping.

I literally hurt from the bottom of my feet to the hair on top of my head! 

In fact, I would cry when I got a haircut because it felt like nerve endings were being sliced. I slept all the time without feeling rested when I awoke. I remember one time in particular, we were on our vacation in northern Minnesota. The kids wanted to go swimming while Mitch was out fishing so I needed to go with them to supervise. I felt like an awful mother because I had to cut the swimming short. I could not keep my eyes open! I was falling asleep even though it was early afternoon. This wasn’t fair to my kids or to me as swimming with my kiddos was something I enjoyed in the past. I just did not have the energy this time. Fibromyalgia robbed me of the joy of doing things with my family and friends.

I was not living a full life.

Then in April of 2021, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 incurable stomach cancer.  Roles switched, and now I had to be the caretaker while continuing to keep myself well at the same time. Just nine months later, my husband succumbed to the cancer.  I share a lot more about this journey, in my Letters to My Husband.

While I know we aren't supposed to say this... Life just sucks sometimes!  

Somedays there is nothing pretty about it.  You can try and be positive, stating every affirmation possible to change your negative thinking, but sometimes, you just have to feel the feels.  There is nothing wrong with that.  What matters is making sure you are not in the lows for too long.  That is a very dangerous place my friend.  I’ve been there, done that, and it is not a spot I wish anyone else to go if I can help it.

I’ve learned from my mistakes and by doing things the hard way, or the stubborn way as my dad says! Haha! (Of course I disagree!)  

I would love to be your guide. To help you not be stuck in the depths of despair and grief.  To help you in the midst of all the swirling thoughts and feelings with nothing to grab a hold of.  I have lifelong tools I love sharing, and I am the person you can hold on to in order to become grounded again. I am someone who can help you look at life with gratitude and joy again.  Yes, even joy my friend!  

If you are ready to move forward in life and find that joy, click here to schedule a chat with me.

All my best ~ Nicole